Dubrovnik is finally reducing the arrival of cruisers. From next year, a maximum of two cruisers a day in Dubrovnik

first_imgDubrovnik has finally taken the right step in the context of reducing the excessive influx of tourists into the city from cruise ships, and in agreement with cruise companies has agreed that a maximum of two cruisers will sail into the most desirable cruise destination in the Mediterranean, bringing a maximum of 5000 visitors.Namely, after Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković started talks with the world’s largest cruise companies last year, gathered in the CLIA association, the problem of large crowds due to the simultaneous entry of up to seven cruisers from which 10 passengers would go on a tour of the city at once began. to be addressed. With a better schedule for the arrival of passenger ships, a maximum of two cruisers a day will come to Dubrovnik from next year.”Contracts with cruise companies have been signed for next year so we will have a maximum of two cruisers a day throughout the week, Monday through Sunday. Sometimes there will be only one, sometimes two will arrive at the same time or one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. We strived for that, and now we have achieved it ” Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic told Jutarnji list, and stressed that there is still a solution to traffic jams, which, he is convinced, is due to the liberalization of the taxi market, due to which more than a thousand taxi drivers worked in Dubrovnik this season.In addition to the agreement on the schedule of cruise arrivals, Dubrovnik also uses a system of cameras that count visitors when entering the historical ensemble, in order to avoid excessive crowds. In addition, through the project “Respect the City” is developing an application for direct communication with guests through which they will be advised the best time to visit the historic center, and by the end of next month will be presented a calendar through which you can see the estimated number of guests inside the ancient walls.”The key to the success of any destination is management, and we have done this by making contact with the world’s leading CLIA group, which brings together all the world’s key cruise operators. We have agreed on a better schedule for the arrival and departure of ships from cruises, which has significantly relieved the historic core and there are no more negative images in the media with congested entrances and blocked Stradun. The excellent coordination of the competent services was the most deserving in solving this problem ”Added Franković and pointed out that there are still days of the week when they do not have a single cruiser.By the end of this year, Dubrovnik will have 440 passenger ships with about 740 thousand passengers, or 3 percent fewer ships than last year, but 5 percent more passengers. And this year, the people of Dubrovnik welcomed the millionth passenger in the port of Gruž two days before last year.last_img

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