Simeone: “João? When it appears to feel for Atlético things go out alone”

first_imgWhat does this Super Cup mean, mid-season: “It is always an opportunity to compete for important things and we value everything. We understand it as an opportunity to continue growing as a club and as a team.”2014 Super Cup: “I remember that moment perfectly, especially because we won. I am happy to be able to be in an important competition that the club has and hopefully we can behave.”Format: “We have to adapt to what the FEF proposes and we seek to solve it. There are semifinals where there was not before and a game that was not there before. We are clear about the concept. Having to travel that did not happen before. Trying to win which is the only thing that will count for the end. “Joao Felix: “Each player has a different personality, each player needs a different time. We try, within the mistake that we will surely make, to succeed in the way of how to reach each one of them, how they live it with enthusiasm, emotion. Apart from having talent they need commitment. When feeling comes because they are playing at Atlético, things go out alone. For João, Savic when he arrived, Koke and Saúl as boys. I don’t speak proper names but rather a way of life. “How do you rate the moment your team arrives and rival tomorrow: “Barcelona has individualities that can break any job and we arrived at a good time although with things to improve. Tomorrow’s game is very good for us. Playing against the best teams in the world makes you stronger. You must turn on the alarms from the first minute. “Koke: “Well, wanting to play. Hector has been competing very well. Saul, Thomas, Hector, everyone is fine and that’s where he will be. I have doubts as to who can start. The four will participate.” In front of Barcelona, ​​how do you expect the match?: “Unlike the League. There is a direct elimination and only one result. You have to win. The two teams with their characteristics and their tools will seek that goal. LaLiga allows you a draw or situation that this competition will not give you and there is only one result, which is to win. “Low rival, can they condition?: “We will have to comment on the coaches of the other teams, those affected. In the world, when they play Madrid, Barça, Atlético, they don’t ask who played but how the game came out. There will be a winner and it’s the only thing that matters “.The impact absence Costa in this Super Cup: “We have Costa down for several games. He is a very important player for us. He gives us internal competition and offensive strengths but the whole team has worked very well in his absence. As for the game: it is a qualifying match where each one will seek with his weapons to reach that result. “ The Barcelona and the Atlético de Madrid face tomorrow in the second semifinal of the Spain Supercup in Saudi Arabia Today, the protagonists have passed through the press room to analyze the confrontation and discuss the state of their teams. Simeone stressed the importance of the competition and the moment of Joao Felix:last_img

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