Heavyweights defend a riddled Ernesto Valverde

first_imgThat he Barça He lives in a state of nerves that leaves a hornet as a spa was checked minutes after the Blaugrana team fell in the semifinal of the Super Cup Spain in Jeddah by losing by 2-3 a game that the Barcelona had won and that the Athletic He snatched it in an epic final arreón. As usual in the Blaugrana house, the shots started at the first and in the center of the target was the face of Ernesto Valverde. From various media he began to speculate on his dismissal, although minutes later they rectified, but in the mixed zone with the players and in the press conference of the technician he shot himself against the coach.Ernesto Valverde will continue to lead the team until the end of the season and there will be no change in the technical direction in the remainder of the season unless there is a huge collapse of the team that, for now, is still a leader in The league, is rated for eighths of Champions and while it is true that he fell in the Super Cup, it is not less than 70% of the game, the Blaugrana curdled one of his best performances so far this year.Then you have to take into account the importance of the competition. If Valverde did not fall after two catastrophes in Champions in Rome and Liverpool, it doesn’t seem logical to brush it for losing the Spanish Super Cup in Arabia. Of course, take for granted that the season will start another technician. Nothing new about the plan planned by the manager and coach, on the other hand.Maybe the media noise caused by the defeat led to the heavyweights of the team changing their plans. After the game nobody wanted to talk, and how much Messi how Luis Suarez They decided to appear in a mixed zone to temper bagpipes and defend the project, it is not a detail that should be overlooked before the rain of criticism that their technician received at that time. In the dressing room everything is heard and those who send in there wanted to show their heads for their boss. The Uruguayan was the clearest of the two: “It is not a situation of ours, it is a situation of the club, but the coach has no fault. They are mistakes and distractions of ours in specific moments. expensive, in the matches you win, lose or draw you have to always do self-criticism. Learn from mistakes. The matches are here to correct you and you don’t have to repeat mistakes. “Messi also loaded inks on self-criticism and he lamented punctual attitudes of the team, which he put before him as responsible for the defeat ahead of the coach, although the Argentine acknowledged that in the face of such losses “it is normal to talk, We are a strong team to get him through. We have escaped a title and we have to look forward. We have to be closer than ever. ““We had control of the game for 80 minutes, attacking all the time, but we left the game in children’s mistakes that generated cons when they were dead. We had to have closed the result before, We continue working and trying to improve we will prepare the next game and the second round. Although we are not playing good games, we are still first in the league, “he said.The club tried to stop any kind of speculation about the future of Valverde and William love, Director of Institutional Relations He came to the forefront just after finishing the game to ensure that “we are thinking about the game. It has bothered us a lot to lose, but we continue. This is very long. It is the first competition of the year, in the others we are well positioned and continue Go ahead. There is full confidence in the team, the players and the coach. “The team plans to land in Barcelona around three in the afternoon and will not meet again until next Friday after the free weekend that the coach has granted him.last_img

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