Belarusian League: meet the 16 teams in the competition

first_imgSlavia Mozyr mascot. BelAZ Zhodino TorpedoHistorical club created in the sixties but which has never been a league champion. He won the Cup in 2016. Its expansion is due to the sponsorship of the important Belarusian automobile factory ‘BelAZ’, based in Zhodino City. ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Torpedo BelAZ Zhodino. One of the four teams in the capital. Created in 2006, His greatest success is the 2013 Cup. Its origin dates back to Smena, founded in 1954 in the former USSR as Youth Soccer School, mainly made up of students. For a short period of time it was associated with BATE Borisov as reserve team: Smena-BATE Minsk. Then it went back to its original name until the refounding in FC Minsk.IslochIt is his fifth season in the elite for this club, since it was created in 2007. It takes its name from a river and belongs to one of the Minsk districts. He plays at Minsk Stadium, which he shares with FC Minsk. Its origin arises from Novoselye Village Economic and Agrarian College, in a sub-district of Minsk. On his shield there is a wolf smiling. It was chosen for three reasons: it means courage and ferocity; because it is associated with forest and the area is known for its many trees and lastly, because in the creation of the club there were many members named Volkov (son of a wolf). He has one of the best hobbies in the country. And its never missing accordion.Slavia MozyrOf those that make up the competition is the team located further south in Belarus, near the territory of Ukraine. Mozyr is the base of one of the most important refineries in the country. Winner of the league in 1996 and 2000. And of the Cup, on two other occasions. Founded in 1987, it has gone through several names until reaching the current one. For a time it was renamed MPKC Mozyr (linked to the city’s commercial industry). Borisov Arena. Dynamo BrestTeam from the city of Brest, the closest to Poland (not to be confused with the medieval Brest, from France). In this old Belarusian city was born Yulia Nesterenko, champion of the 100 plains at the 2004 Athens Games. Created in 1960 with the name of Sparta Brest, then it was renamed Bug Brest to end at Dynamo Brest, sponsored by the Dinamo Sports Society. The Sports and Fitness Society created in 1923 in the USSR, under the control of the State Political Directorate (GPU), the Soviet police, which would later lead to KGB. To this society also belong, among others, the Dynamo of Kiev, Dynamo of Zagreb, Dynamo of Bucharest or Dynamo of Moscow.He is the current champion, after winning his first league last year and ending BATE’s streak. It has three Cups (2007; 2017 and 2018). Brest Dynamo play their matches at the Brestskiy sports complex, with capacity for more than 10,000 people.Dynamo MinskThe most important set of the four in the capital. It has the most spectacular stadium in Belarus: the Dinamo Stadium, where 22,000 people can be accommodated. Belonging to the Dinamo Sports Society, was created in 1927 and has gone by several names: Spartak Minsk, Belarus Minsk until returning to Dinamo Minsk. TiHe has seven league championships. He added the first five that were played although he has not conquered the league since 2004. In addition, he has 3 Cups. It is together with BATE, the most relevant club in the country.HANDOUT & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Dinamo Stadium, Minsk.HANDOUT (REUTERS) VitebskIs the set located more to the north of the members of the league. Founding member of the competition, he has never won the League but the Cup in 1998. Created in 1960, with the name of Vitebsk red flag, went through several names linked to companies in the area: Dvina; KIM or Lokomotiv, until adopting the name FC Vitebsk, as it is known today. And a curiosity: Vitebsk is the province of birth by the modernist painter Marc Chagall. FC Shakhtyor SoligorskHe is from the city of Soligorsk, one of the most important cities in the extraction of potash / potassium from the region. The Shakhtyor story it is inextricably linked to Belarusian miners. His shield shines two crossed hammers, a traditional symbol of mining work, together with the black color that represents where they carry out the work. He is the current Cup champion, competition that has won two more times (2004 and 2014). In 2005, he won the league. ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “> Energetik-BGU Minsk Stadium.center_img FC Rukh BrestFrom the city of Brest, like DInamo Brest. Newly promoted, his explosion has been meteoric. Since its creation in 2016 by Dinamo fans, recovering lthe essence of the old KS Rukh Brest. In 2018 he broke with Dynamo Brest, as a reserve team. In 2018 I was in third and now in Vysheyshaya Liga. Meritorious promotion.BATE BorisovThe club, founded in 1973, is the team that emerged from the Borisov Auto and Tractor Electrical Equipment Factory. Since BATE is an acronym for Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electronics but it was dismantled in 1984. In 1996 it emerged again. The most awarded with 15 titles, 13 of them consecutively. Andrei Yakimov, FC Neman Grodno.Neman FC Neman GrodnoWestern Belarus Club, along the border with Poland and Lithuania. He has always been in First although his only important achievement is the Belarusian Cup 1993. It was created under the auspices of the Office of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee. If you like soccer, it doesn’t matter if the big leagues are not played for COVID-19. There are always new ‘markets’ to discover even if they are thousands of kilometers away. Soccer is soccer. In these uncomfortable moments only the ball rolls in five countries on the planet. Yes, only in five. Burundi, Nicaragua, Tajikistan and Belarus. The other oasis of tranquility is Sweden, where friendlies are still allowed, without public.Leaving aside the phenomenon that is the league of Tajikistan (and if you don’t believe it, read this: ‘Seven reasons to join the Tajikistan league ‘, the only redoubt in Europe where there is still official competition is Belarus. Following the country’s league is a challenge, just as demanding as knowing how much the official currency, the ruble, is changing. But in these confining moments anything is possible. If you had already illustrated yourself before with everything you had to know about the competition, now is a good time to review the 16 teams that make up the Vysheyshaya Liga. All an exercise of resistance. Once done, you no longer have any excuse to choose your ‘new’ team. From the Madrid Barcelona from Belarus (BATE Borisov-Dinamo Minsk), passing through the university students of Energetik or the ‘sugar bowls’ of Gorodeya, until reaching the miners of Shakhtyor. A whole amalgam of options. I already have mine. Now is your turn.Energetik-BGU MinskCreated as Zvezda (Star) Minsk in 1996 was later renamed Zvezda-VA-BGU. VA abbreviation of Military school and BGU (Belarus State University, whose symbol, the pen, is part of the entity’s coat of arms). It is sponsored by the state energy company: Energetik. His greatest achievement is the 1998 league. He plays on a small field on the outskirts of Minsk. FC SlutskFounded in 1998 as SlutskaharIt was not until 2008 when he became professional. It is his eighth season in the top flight but he has not achieved great achievements. In this beginning of the championship it is one of the sensations.FC MinskFC Minsk Stadium. FC GorodeyaCreated in 2004 it is a small club in the city of the same name. It was sponsored by the Gorodeya sugar refinery since its first players were sugar producers and employees of the refinery, along with university students. Its equipment, at first, was white, for the sugar, and green, for being the color of the Belarusian sugar beet.(embed) (/ embed) SmolevichiFor the second time in his history he is among the greats. It is one of the youngest clubs in the competition. Created in 2009, for a time it was known as ‘Wigwam’, like the buildings of certain Native American tribes.FC Belshina BobruiskJust promoted to the First Division. Founded in 1976, is sponsored by the tire company Belshina. Play at Spartak Stadium. Modest field with capacity for 3,700 people. Conquered the League in 2001. This season has just come up. He has also won three Cups (1997; 1999 and 2001).’);return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Belshina.

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