Jovic is going to be called to testify by the Belgrade prosecution

first_imgThis news rekindles the event that Jovic starred in March and that cost him so much criticism in his country. The Serbian government’s position left no room for doubt when the ‘Jovic case’ broke out. First it was the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ane Brnabic, who pointed out: “You have all seen it. The examples of our soccer players, who come from abroad. There he has millionaire contracts. They come here, they ignore the self-isolation when they get home and that is something that our authorities have to study. “ Afterwards, Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic: “We have written criminal reports against some of the famous athletes. These people will respond when the court determines that the time has come for that. ” Even the country’s president, Aleksandar Vucic, announced that anyone who left home in violation of government orders would be arrested. Jovic publicly apologized on several occasions. “I am willing to bear the consequences”, He said. Now, he strives to work hard at home with a personal trainer in the hope that, after that hearing and when restrictions are lifted in Serbia, he can return to Madrid. At the moment, it has been blocked in his country. In Madrid, in any case, they have closed the case. Several Serbian media today echo a news that represents the latest shocks to the controversy that Jovic starred in when he escaped the quarantine to travel to his country, where he was denounced by the authorities of his country, also, for breaching the isolation that had been decreed by the government. Jovic is going to be called to testify by the Belgrade Prosecutor’s Office for the criminal offense of which he was accused. The case, therefore, continues its course, and the Madrid player is exposed to a sanction that may even lead to him not being able to join the job with Real Madrid when it resumes if, as happened with Prijovic, he is sentenced to some months of house arrest. In any case, the Madrid player’s case does not seem as serious as that of his national teammate who plays for Al Ittihad. Prijovic organized a meeting with 19 people in a central Belgrade hotel in full confinement.Soccer players Luka Jovic and Nikola Ninkovic will soon be called to a hearing at the First Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, “, an official network, tells the story of the Kurir news website. Everything, after the police filed criminal charges against them on suspicion of violating the self-isolation a little less than a month ago. Before the hearing, the prosecution asked the Ministry of Justice for information on whether Jovic and Ninkovic had been informed upon entering the country that they were to be in quarantine for 28 days due to an outbreak of coronavirus. ”last_img

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