Fernando extends his contract with Almería until 2022

first_imgAfter renewing Iván Martos (2024) and Aguza (2022), Almería has done the same with one of its captains, Fernando, extending their contractual relationship between club and player for one more year. The Murcian goalkeeper fulfilled a contract in June 2021, so he will be rojiblanco until 2022, continuing the sports management in the planning of the José María Gutiérrez campus in the short-medium term despite not knowing if the UDA will end up promoting to the First Division or not. Thus, Fernando ensures continuity in an indálica entity with too many changes of cards in recent months.Few could imagine the season that Fernando Martínez was going to live before the arrival of the new property. The goalkeeper, who did not make his debut in the domestic competition in his first year in Almería, played four games last year when Fran Fernández’s men no longer played anything. With the sale and purchase by Turki Al-Sheikh, he kept both Murcia and Roman, incorporating Rosic, now on loan at Celta. In November Gutiérrez replaced Pedro Emanuel and in his third game he gave the stripes to Fernando, eternal substitute until then. In winter there were more, with the departure of René, the captain, to Ponferrada, and the arrival on loan of Sivera, who has only acted once. Thus the goal is being for Fernando, with a fortnight of encounters (he did not play so much since exercise 15-16, with Real Murcia, in Second B). The Murcian landed at zero cost in the 2017 summer with René and has earned the warmth of the club and fans. With an initial two-year contract, eleven months ago he signed until 2021, doing so now again, until June 2022. “He has established himself in the current season as a starter, highlighting his great qualities, as well as great professionalism and commitment to the club he represents,” he says. the UDA in the note announcing the renewal.Appiah: “I still have a lot to show at Almería”The most expensive signing in the history of Almería (the sheik paid 8.8 million euros to Nottingham Forest for his transfer), Arvin Appiah has spoken eight months later for the press, specifically for the club’s official radio. The Dutch-British, who had Bale as idols (“he’s fast and direct like me”, he says) and Robben, admits that the adaptation was not easy for him. “At the beginning, Spanish football cost me because it is very technical and tactical and I had to adapt very quickly, but I like it a lot and I am looking forward to playing it again. At first I was more unnoticed because I had to get used to the way of training, to the culture and language, “he says, wanting to demonstrate more to the red and white fans. “The promotion would be incredible, not only for me, but for the whole team, the club and everyone in Almería. Almería’s fans live it with a lot of passion, I notice it when we score a goal. Although we lose, they continue to cheer us up. We have nine games left (actually eleven). I still have a lot to show at Almería. We have to take each one of them as if it were the last one and if God wants, we will go up to First Division “, he comments in English from the British Isles (he was the only footballer on the squad together with Darwin to go to his homeland).last_img

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