Guyana must unite in order to progress

first_imgDear Editor,The French author and philosopher Mr Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote in his astonishing book , Wind, Sand and Stars: “Nothing, in truth, can ever replace a lost companion. Old comrades cannot be manufactured. There is nothing that can equal the treasure of so many shared memories, so many bad times endured together, so many quarrels, reconciliations, heartfelt impulses. Friendships like that cannot be reconstructed. If you plant an oak, you will hope in vain to sit soon under its shade.“For such is life. We grow rich as we plant through the early years, but then come the years when time undoes our work and cuts down our trees. One by one our comrades deprive us of their shade, and within our mourning we always feel now the secret grief of growing old.“If I search among my memories for those whose taste is lasting, if I write the balance sheet of the moments that truly counted, I surely find those that no fortune could have bought me. You cannot buy the friendship of a companion bound to you forever by ordeals endured together.”While we remember the passing of our great leaders, or not so great to some, the splendid words of Saint-Exupery will bring obvious comforts to the mind of many. The human being tends to focus more on the mistake of men and deliberately forgets the numerous good that came from these very men.When the companions of Jesus (May peace be upon him) complained about the excess that was committed by the woman, Jesus (May peace be upon him) said to his companions, “who among us will cast the first stone”. Today, we are casting mountains of stones, totally forgetting our own imperfections.As a young public servant, I had the privilege to work and dine with President Forbes Burnham. I must admit that this gentleman had a magnetic communication skill to captivate anyone. He made some fundamental mistakes, but he will remain a hero in the hearts of many. Same can be said of Dr Cheddi Jagan, Mrs Janet Jagan, Mr Hugh Desmond Hoyte, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, Mr Donald Ramotar and President David Granger. They all have their one unique style and their support base is strong.Respected Editor, the balance of life for these remaining gentlemen is getting shorter as the days go by. Are they comfortable to continue on the same antagonistic path? What is the purpose of lauding beautiful speeches when one departs? Dr Rupert Roopnaraine’s speech given when Dr Jagan died was the best I ever heard. Wouldn’t it be better to say those words while they are alive!This country needs the support and expertise of all and sundry – competent Chairmen; brilliant, talented, multifaceted individuals and Chief Executive Officers are needed for the rapid advancement of this country.During the financial crisis, Wall Street had to make drastic reforms. Many Chief Executive Officers were fired and some were brought before Congress while others ended up in prison. With oil’s enormous wealth approaching, Guyana is poised for take-off.A very senior official from Halliburton told me that 20 competent, knowledgeable Chairmen, Chief Executive Officers and Managers can take Guyana to enormous heights in the next 15 years, but the key issue is non-interference from the political class. He concluded by saying that the Gulf States did it and look at the massive development they have earned, so too can Guyana.Respected Editor, I urge the politicians to harbour the example of the iconic President, Nelson Mandela who moved from prisoner to President, who left his hatred behind the prison walls and reconciled with his oppressors. His words and his work are left for us to emulate. He left us with these astonishing words, “no one is born hating another person just because of the colour of their skin, or his background or his religion. People have to learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, then they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”.Yours truly,Nazar Mohamedlast_img

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