Accused bird thief stabbed to death

first_imgAn alleged bird thief, who of recent had reportedly been on a bird snatching spree, was killed in Sophia, Greater Georgetown on Tuesday morning when he allegedly attempted to snatch another bird.Dead: Shelton JordanTwenty-one-year-old Shelton Jordan, called “Mickey Mouse”, of West La Penitence, Georgetown, was reportedly killed at about 05:30h.Guyana Times was told that Jordan attempted to steal a bird on Dennis Street, Sophia but was unsuccessful.An argument reportedly ensued between him and the owner of the bird and Jordan reportedly stabbed the man to his hand. This resulted in a scuffle between the two.The robbery victim managed to disarm Jordan of the knife he was carrying, and stabbed him several times in the process.The 56-year-old man then proceeded to the Police station where he reported what transpired.Tiffany Lowers, the girlfriend of the now dead accused bird thief, was in a distraught state at the scene of the incident.According to the woman, Jordan left home at about midnight on Monday but never returned.“He left home at 12 last night (midnight Monday) to work… he had no problems with the Police before…we had been together for the last seven years,” the young woman cried.However, at the scene of the crime, several persons who had their birds stolen, alleged that Jordan was among a group of men who had been prowling the area and stealing birds.“We know this motorcycle,” one eyewitness relayed, adding “this same motorcycle pull up and grab two birds from that man there with that black hat, it was this boy (pointing to dead man) and another red skin boy,” the man revealed.Another person told this publication that he was sitting on his veranda one day attending to one of his birds when he noticed Jordan riding past on numerous occasions.The man’s body along with the motorcycle following the stabbing“I see he deh driving pass for about three times. I had my bird right in front of my yard up on a lamp post. He play like if he was about to pee but he grab the bird from the post and by the time I reach down he did already drive away,” the man explained.According to a resident in the area, a wildlife dealer, the stolen birds are expensive and are being sold to persons who smuggle them out of the country.“The birds are expensive, especially if it’s a racing bird but the birds are being stolen and sold back at a low value.”When this publication visited the dead man’s home, his family were not at home and were said to be at the Police station.The Police are continuing with their investigations.last_img

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