From award-winning interior designers to architects with a difference, Noida is the hub of creativity.

first_imgVerdant escapeMansi and Suhani Mahajan, 34 and 30, Owners, House of KapaaliPhoto by: M ZhazoMadly in love with life, with a penchant for yoga, travel, dance and design, sisters Mansi and Suhani are the creative minds behind House of Kaapali-a beautifully done up B&B amidst the verdant greens of Greater,Verdant escapeMansi and Suhani Mahajan, 34 and 30, Owners, House of KapaaliPhoto by: M ZhazoMadly in love with life, with a penchant for yoga, travel, dance and design, sisters Mansi and Suhani are the creative minds behind House of Kaapali-a beautifully done up B&B amidst the verdant greens of Greater Noida. In 2007, when Mansi came back to India from Australia with a masters degree in film, she decided to convert the spare bedrooms in her new home into a B&B. She then applied for a license from the Ministry of Tourism and that’s how House of Kapaali was born. Soon after, her younger sister Suhani quit her job as a freelance production coordinator with a leading sports channel to join House of Kapaali as well. During its conception, the sisters had a certain mood in mind that they wanted to give to the space.”House of Kapaali is modern-vintage, picking up the essence of the mid-century modern era,” says Mansi. Both the girls believe ‘the devil is in the details’, and that is why each and every piece of furniture and fixture has been sourced painstakingly and emotes the House of Kapaali feeling, creating an experience that is seamless, luxurious, yet at it core, soulful. The Mahajan sisters, recently held their first transformational retreat programme for a group of American women at House of Kapaali. WEBSITE houseofkapaali.comDesigning dreamsAnjali Goel, 50, Interior DesignerPhoto by: Chandradeep KumarEstablished in 1988 by MD Anjali Goel as a small bespoke studio in Noida, La Sorogeeka has over the years not only become Asia’s biggest design facility but also one of the most reputed brands in the international market, creating extraordinary interior spaces for people for over 30 years.”The concept behind La Sorogeeka was to offer a one-stop dream shop for luxury furniture, furnishings and accessories- something no one had heard of at that time,” says Goel. The USP of La Sorogeeka is that while you may enter the state-of-the-art showroom and choose a particular displayed concept as a whole, you also have choice of customising it as per your aesthetic taste and liking. Goel is now going to take a big leap in terms of international presence with La Sorogeeka all set to participate in the Milan Furniture Fair in 2017. WEBSITE lasorogeeka.comadvertisementSmart homesDavid Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, DesignersPhoto by: M ZhazoA&T, a well-known brand for fashion and accessories established by David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore launched their home furnishings brand back in 2002. Since its inception, A&T home furnishings have been sold in some of the best stores around the world.”We never had an articulated philosophy, we just designed what we loved. But we strongly believed in traditional Indian textile craft and yet always wanted to work with a modern and contemporary sensibility, designing products that we could relate to personally in our everyday lives,” says Rakesh. Under the brand, the designer duo is now planning an exclusive collection of handmade carpets this year. WEBSITE abrahamandthakore. comDesign mavenSonali Bhagwati, Architect, President, DPAAt the first glance, it becomes evident that Sonali Bhagwati, president of Designplus Architecture has a flair for creativity and design. Dressed in subtle metallic shades from head to toe, Bhagwati stands out from the stiff-collared corporate lawyers that surround her at the office of a well-known law firm in Delhi designed by her.Her love for creating the extraordinary inspired Bhagwati to take a state transport bus to enrol herself at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad when she was just a teenager, and 30 years on, the love affair continues. “The building of my alma mater was one that grew on me. Unconsciously, it would manifest in my projects,” says the architect. Lamenting the lack of women in her field, Bhagwati agrees that architecture is a profession that is largely male dominated. Another shift she observes in her field is the break away from the tradition of the master builder, where one architect would envision the entire project. “Now the architect is a mere conceptualiser, working in a team of technologists, visualisers and structural teams,” she rues.Among the many structural marvels created by Bhagwati, the vibrant Adobe headquarters in Noida is one that has been included in many lists of India’s best architectures, commended for its fluid and unconventional design. With many other projects underway in the NCR, the architect who has also researched urban metamorphosis, urges on the need for a facelift of the region. “Integrated mass transit, seamless pedestrian movement, multilevel parkings, creating public spaces and bringing in private parties to regulate these spaces is the way forward for Noida,” says Bhagwati. WEBSITE localSourabh Gupta, 39, Principal architect and managing director, Studio ArchohmHidden inside an industrial sector in Noida, Studio Archohm, conceptualised by architect Sourabh Gupta, is an oasis that oozes creativity and innovation. The studio replicate’s Gupta’s love for the unconventional by breaking away from form and using exposed bricks, rustic interiors and even a cobbled floor at the reception of the office.”For me architecture is a marriage of technology and art, the meeting point of creativity and engineering,” says the 39-year-old architect who is the brains behind prominent townships, bridges, corporate and cultural spaces in the country. A graduate of Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad, Gupta later went on to study at the TU Delft University in Netherlands where the architect got introduced to traditional and avant garde building. This is where his design philosophy was influenced.Enthusiastic about upcoming projects that include resurfacing the Taj Mahal complex in Agra and the Lucknow Imambaras, Gupta talks about the scope for urban planning in Noida. “The biggest problem is the lack of public spaces here. Large shaded green spaces can have functional and aesthetic appeal by putting cycle tracks, public utilities, trees, lighting, sculptures and creating urban nodes,” says Gupta. WEBSITE archohm.comConscious designsVidur Bharadwaj, Director, The 3C CompanyPhoto by: Chandradeep KumarWith the motto of his company being-create, care and conserve- Vidur Bharadwaj, director of The 3C Company, not only believes in but breathes sustainable creations. “Design should be simple and should get inspired from our ancestors, so its soul is constant over the centuries. But the skill must evolve in accordance to modern technological process,” says the graduate of School of Planning and Architecture.An indisputable design giant in the country, Bharadwaj’s creations mark the cityscape of Noida, Lotus Greens being one of the prominent townships in the region. “Growing up, I was infatuated with old Indian havelis and their elements such as courtyards, sun shading devices and water bodies,” says the architect who specialises in using locally available materials that complement the geography and climate of a particular region.Talking about urban planning issues within the region, Bharadwaj believes that a good public transport system will tackle the infrastructure crunch in the NCR. “I do not believe that a developed nation is one where every poor person drives a car, rather it is where every wealthy person uses public transport,” he says. WEBSITE the3c.inlast_img

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