Healthy water with a twist

first_imgThe Indian market, especially those who understand the benefits of drinking alkaline water on a regular basis, has responded positively to blk.water. Given its benefits, this product is of great interest to the fitness industry, including gyms and sports leagues. That apart, the health industry, be it doctors, wellness retreats, spas, have also welcomed blk.alkaline water. It’s also not surprising that the fashion industry – Bollywood celebrities and designers, among others – have acknowledged blk. as they see it both as a healthy drink and a style statement.However, a part of the Indian audience still needs clarity on the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Director of IRIIS Trading, Dikshit Jhanb answers some common questions regarding this healthy alternative to regular water. blk.water is a healthy alternative to regular drinking waterWhy is blk.water black?Nutrient-rich fulvic minerals are naturally dark in colour. When added to water, these turn it naturally black. There are no additional dyes or colours mixed in blk.Where is the water in blk. sourced from?Purified alkaline water is the base of blk. It is carefully sourced from multiple locales, including springs and aquifers in the United States and Canada.What are fulvic minerals and do they have any health benefits?Fulvic compounds are found in plants and soil (it is present in the highly-nutritious humus layer of the earth). An ancient, naturally-occurring part of the botanical cycle, these help the human body effectively break down, absorb, and transport key bioavailable nutrients.advertisementDoes blk. contain electrolytes?Replenishing potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride are present in blk. These electrolytes regulate fluids throughout the body, which in turn affects cellular function, blood volume, and blood pressure. blk.water contains nutrient-rich fulvic minerals carefully sourced from multiple localesAre there minerals in blk. as well?blk. contains 77 naturally-occurring trace minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and electrolytes. Powerful minerals found in blk. include strontium, sulphur, vanadium, zinc, silica, prebiotics, probiotics and humic substances. Humic substances are formed in the soil and contain a variety of minerals including fulvic minerals that support several biological functions.What are the benefits of alkaline water?Alkaline plays a role in digestion, bone health, muscle mass preservation as well as other biological functions.Is blk.water the same as charcoal water?No, blk.water is not the same as charcoal water. Activated charcoal removes micro biome and gut flora – the good gut bacteria that the body needs for a healthy digestive tract. blk., on the other hand, supportsgood gut bacteria and the water’s fulvic complex is an effective transmitter of nutrition in the body.Will blk. stain my teeth?No, blk. won’t stain your teeth.Can you drink too much blk.water?Our hope is that you replace regular water with blk.water because of the added bio-available trace minerals.last_img

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