New Waterford Report Released

first_imgAn investigation by Environment and Labour into health effectsreported by workers at the New Waterford Consolidated Hospitalwas unable to confirm a link between the reported illnesses andany source of metal exposure at the hospital. The results were shared late Monday, March 29, during a meetingwith representatives of the hospital’s joint occupational healthand safety committee and the employer, the Cape Breton DistrictHealth Authority. “Despite our findings, we continue to have concern for theindividuals who are reporting symptoms, and my interest is fortheir well-being,” said Environment and Labour Minister KerryMorash. “I encourage the Cape Breton District Health Authority tocontinue to be diligent in finding the source of what isaffecting the health of hospital staff and in resolving it.” The department launched a workplace investigation in December2003 after receiving a health and safety complaint about thehospital from three of its workers. The results of the investigation found no evidence of theemployer being in noncompliance with the province’s OccupationalHealth and Safety laws. There was no current condition orpractice found to cause exposure to heavy metals. A workplace investigation looks at the people, environment,equipment and materials to review factors that may becontributing to an incident. The investigation also considers theprocess in the workplace for responding to workplace health andsafety issues.last_img

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