Follow Vastu tips to get married soon

first_imgMarriage is considered to be one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. It is said that “Marriages are made in heaven,” A marriage is, without a doubt, a very unique bond that shares for a lifetime not only the bride and groom, but also their families. For parents, marrying their son or daughter at the marriageable age is one of the most important priorities in their lives. Marriage delay causes social pressure, depression, tension, family conflicts and other immense negative effects; however, there are times when there is a delay in marriage even though everything seems to be fine. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainVastu Shastra, every emotion that appears inside you is generated by the energy emitted through the 16 zones or directions of your home. These zones, in turn, are governed by the five elements (Panchtattva) – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky. It is believed that these elements are responsible to create a harmonious environment, in turn influencing everything around us. When these elements are out of proportion, they lead to negative forces overriding the positive ones; creating a field that makes your thoughts and actions negative and result’s in delay marriages, South-West is zone of relationship, family, marriage and stability in life, if South-West Zone is disturbed by a toilet, anti-activity, or an anti-element, then it will not only delay marriage, but can even spoil marital relationship. First strengthen the South-West zone; if this corner is missing, then the marriage proposals will not be successfully finalized. A kitchen in this area will also destroy marriage possibilities and disturb the relationships established. The South-East is the Fire zone, The South-East zone should be treated, as it has the sacred Fire that binds two people in marriage and blue colour from this zone must be removed as it will delay in marriage and disturb relationships. if this corner is cut or missing, or if there is an anti-fire activity in it. In such cases, if an engagement has taken place, it will not convert into marriage. The symptoms are like this: it will start well as the South-West (SW) is fine, but the South-East (SE) zone energy is poor, so it will not continue or end properly. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardWithout support of partner, no relationship can exist, and it will come from a well-activated and healthy North-West area. This is the third significant vastu zone for the marriage area. You must also clear North-East vastu zone, I am saying this because it will remove adamant thoughts of getting married to a very specific personality and family, if the North-East is clear, clarity will be maintained about what an individual wants. It’s about wisdom; if you’re wise, you’ll choose what’s right or wrong for yourself. Usually, 80% of the issue could be fixed only by treating the South West (SW) zone. Of the remaining 20%, treatment of the South-East zone will solve 10% of the issue. Then treat the North-West and the West to fix another 5%, and the issue stays only 5%. Treat the NE and the North-West and solve the issue. So, in this order, the following zones must be clear and balanced: the South-West, the South-East, the North-West, the West (gains) and North-East (knowledge).Now, let’s come to implementation of easy remedies to perform for “Desired Life Partner”, placing a Pair of Love Birds in South-West zone usually brings the right person into your life. A picture of a loving couple e.g. Heer and Ranjha, can also be placed along with the Love Birds.A girl bedroom direction zone plays a crucial role in marriage timing. According to the Vastu principles, every house is a built-up space and is influenced by the Earth’s energy fields or magnetic fields along with the Panchtattva (the five fundamental elements of nature). Therefore, as per vastu, in the West zone of Gains, girl in the correct marriageable age should sleep. She becomes more confident when a sleeps in the South-South-East area and having a bedroom in the South-West area makes her a desirable partner for her future husband. She should never have her bedroom in South-South-West zone of disposal. In addition, if the girl sleeps in attraction’s zone of North-North-West , it will help her get new marriage proposals.Similarly, North Zone is zone of opportunities, male bachelors should preferably sleep. Always prevent a water tank in your house’s South-West Relationships zone as this could lead to delay in marriage.Mr. Sagar Chug- Celebrity Astrologer & Vastu Expert from the Capital. Views are strictly personal.last_img

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