Paris Tourist Sites Closed due to Yellow Vest Riots

Rabat – Last Saturday, riots broke out in Paris due to an unpopular tax on fuel proposed in France’s national budget. Tens of thousands of French citizens held street protests to voice dissatisfaction with France’s increased cost of living. Protesters vocalized a variety of demands, including cheaper energy costs, lower taxes, higher salaries, better retirement policies, and Macron’s resignation. Paris saw some of its most violent rioting in decades, leaving four dead, 250 injured, and millions of dollars in damage. The French police also reported that they took 412 people into custody during the weekend. The increasing violence prompted government officials to suspend the fuel tax proposal. French officials brace for “significant violence” in Paris this Saturday, as activists from the “yellow vest” movement are calling for “Act IV” – a fourth weekend of protest, on social media.Read Also: French PM Meets Yellow Vest Protesters, Officials After Weekend of ChaosPrime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that 89,000 police officers will be on duty and armored vehicles will be stationed in the capital to prevent a repeat of last week’s violent uprisings. “We are facing people who are not here to protest but to smash and we want to have the means to not give them a free rein,” Philippe told reporters.City authorities say they are increasing protection measures for famous landmarks after the Arc de Triomphe sustained damage in last week’s riots. According to Culture Minister Franck Riester, the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Orsay Museums, Grand Palais, and opera houses will close on Saturday. Riester stated in a radio interview, “We cannot take the risk when we know the threat.”

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