Hazing at Moroccan Schools Stirs Public Debate after Shocking Photos Gone

Rabat – Moroccan political party the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) has brought the issue of hazing or “bizutage” to the Moroccan parliament.On September 27, the party addressed a question to the Moroccan Minister of Education, Said Amzazi, asking him on the measures in place to avoid internal issues at Moroccan schools and institutions, such as “bizutage.”“Some schools and institutes witness celebrations every new school season to welcome new students. However, some of these celebrations exceed the ordinary custom,” PAM wrote in its  note to Amzazi. The party said that such celebrations have become dangerous as they harm students both physically and psychologically.The party also condemned the intentional defamation that comes with hazing.   PAM said posting photos and videos of new students being subjected to bizutage can cause health complications and psychological disorders for these students.PAM Statement on BizutageThe move comes after several photos of students subject to bizutage went viral on social media, stirring public debate.The party concluded its statements with questions, calling on the minister to clarify whether the ministry would put in place measures to face such internal issues at Moroccan schools.The party also asked the minister to give clarifications about the “reality of behavioral violence within Moroccan schools, measures taken to face these problems, and means taken [by the ministry] to provide a healthy environment for students.”Whether the Ministry of Education will answer PAM’s question remains to be seen. The party’s inquiry addresses the concerns and consequences that “bizutage” might cause for students.Hazing Prevention organization  said that “the media is full of stories reporting one of the worst possible consequences of hazing: death.”The organization added there are other consequences with less severe impact than the loss of lives, but said they are still dangerous as they cause students physical, emotional and mental stability.The issue of hazing also might impact on students’ performances at school. Students in this category are often prone to a high, severe stress level, according to reports.

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