Waterloo woman dies while hiking in Italy

Family and friends of a young Waterloo woman are still in shock tonight over learning about her tragic death. The news has rocked that community who are rallying together to support the family.24 year old Chelsea Rebecca Alvarez had everything going for her. A recent engineering graduate from Conestoga college, she just moved to Italy with her fiancée Colin Behenna who was starting his professional hockey career with the Sterzing Broncos, they both shared a passion for hockey. According to Italian media she was out for a hike with her two younger brothers when she lost her balance and fell more than 150 meters, about 50 storeys down a slope.There has been an outpouring of support on social media, letters of condolences going out to Chelsea’s finance Colin as well as her family who are expected to arrive back in Canada in the next few days. The Waterloo community says it will rally behind them. There’s no word yet on when funeral services will be held.

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