Debate continues over Fort Erie Race Track

 (Update)The Fort Erie racetrack was generating heated discussion again at Queens Park Tuesday. Andrea Horwath was arguing that Premier Wynne should be doing more to protect the jobs of Fort Erie employees: “People in Fort Erie are scared of losing their jobs, their savings, their cars, their homes, their kids tuition, their farms, their everything. Last Tuesday at the track, one couple squeezed my hand and looked into my eye and told me that if there is no racing in Fort Erie next season, that they’re going to lose their life’s work. Now, the Liberal plan to ram private mega casinos into cities across Ontario isn’t working, and its causing real damage in communities like Fort Erie. Is the Premier ready to admit she was wrong.”Premier Wynne: “And I have said repeatedly that there, it is up to that conversation to come up with a plan to go forward.Last week a government appointed panel called the Fort Erie track “unsustainable”, and suggested that it not receive any of the $400 million Wynne promised to commit to Ontario’s horse racing industry. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09

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