The Research Matters Virtual Scavenger Hunt is back

Explore research. Solve clues. Win prizes. Stay curious.Launching on February 17, the Virtual Scavenger Hunt (watch video here) is a two-week, province-wide contest that takes the public on a journey to learn about Ontario university research that impacts their daily lives.Each day, from February 17 to 27, clues will be released daily regarding research at Brock University and Ontario’s other 20 universities. There will be 21 clues in all – one from each of Ontario’s 21 universities (two clues per-day will be released, except on the first and last day when we will release three clues).Intrepid solvers who get all 21 clues correct will be able to unlock a secret message that they can then submit to be entered for a draw of 21 grand prizes of gift bags filled with Research Matters merchandise.Ontario university students will be eligible for five cash grand prizes of $500 each, and new this year, five Ontario K-12 classrooms who complete the hunt will be eligible to win a pizza lunch with a researcher.So register today and we will let you know when the first clue is released on February 17, as well as each time a new clue is launched.

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