No elective surgeries makes life a struggle for some

first_imgWith the surgery put on hold, Pickering said her “everyday life has been heavily affected.” In what she calls “a life changing month,” Picking said she is getting by one day at a time. “Basically I can’t do anything,” she says. “I can’t hold a pen, I can’t hold a fork, I can’t hold a glass, I can’t do anything and it’s making me become a left handed person.” Now, recovering nicely in her home, Pickering said it could definitely be worse. Two years ago, Angel Pickering suffered a hand and wrist injury that required a series of surgeries. Pickering no choice but to adjust to life without the use of her right hand. Pickering tells 12 News was scheduled to have part of his hand “fixed” in March. On top of it all, Pickering’s wrist isn’t the only thing that has gotten in her way. “I’m right handed, my wrist now doesn’t work and the rest of my fingers are beginning to not work,” Pickering told 12 News. “Not many people walked out of that hospital after a month so I am thankful,” she says. Pickering said she doesn’t know when her surgery will come. She also says she was on of the first COVID-19 patients. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday elective surgeries will be allowed in some parts of New York State. For some, elective surgeries are turning necessary with every day that goes by. “Like” Jacob Seus on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter.last_img

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