And finally could the win against the Rams prove

first_imgAnd, finally, could the win against the Rams prove to be aturning point of sorts? Well, listen to the point thatCoach W made during our postgame radio interview aboutwinning close games: “You have to learn that lessonsomehow. I go back to our first year in ’07, when we had abunch of games that were close games. At the end of theyear, we won a game against Atlanta where we made a playat the end of the game to win it and we were pretty goodfrom that point on. Hopefully, that’s the way we’re goingright now.” Top Stories What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Although the running game may have been lacking againstthe Rams, there was no lack of yelling about therunning game. By my count, a half-dozen Cards coaches &players took turns airing/chewing out the offense duringthe first half, including captain Lyle Sendlein and BeanieWells himself. After the game, Coach W said about hishalftime message: “Wasn’t pretty. I said we were gettingbeat up front. It was a shame, it was embarrassing, andwe had to change it.” Can you make a play and still blow the assignment? Sure.O’Brien Schofield told us on the Big Red Rage radio showthat he did exactly that in Baltimore. On his sack andstrip of Joe Flacco, he said he actually made a mistake:“I was supposed to stunt the B-gap.” Therein lies thechallenge for Cards coaches – can you count on young guysto make plays, when they may not know the plays?! Holy Cannoli Stat: So far this season, the teamwinning the coin toss in overtime is 1-5.#SoYou’reTellingMeThere’sAChance?Yeah!Is it worth pointing out that the original “P-Twice” happens to be “Paulie Pigskin?” Uh, didn’t thinkso. Like Peterson repeated during our live on-field interview:“give me five yards and I’ll meet you in the end zone.”My next question: “When did you know that you had a realshot?” Answer: “Once I got past the first surge, that’sall I needed. I knew that nobody else was going to catchme…” Quoting Andre Roberts from our postgame interview when Iasked him about Patrick Peterson: “They’re calling himspecial, but he’s something else. I don’t know what itis, but it’s something more than special.” As for the locker room scene, let’s just say it wasentirely different from the past month and a half. Infact, Ken Whisenhunt cited the postgame vibe when I askedhim what the OT win does for confidence: “There’s noquestion that we got some confidence, if you could see thelocker room after the game – you could feel it. Successalways helps that. I think our team now has more beliefnow that we can make a play at the end of a game to winit, where we saw 4 or 5 games this year where we didn’t dothat.” Arguably, the most telling single play of the game was theblocked field goal. Why? As Coach W said during ourpostgame radio interview: “If you want to judge afootball team, you put on the (film of) PAT/FG block andyou see the effort by those guys…” (By the way, Calaistold me after the game that blocking a FG is notlike blocking a shot in basketball. Sometimes you justhave to throw your arm up and pray. As Calais said –“That one, I got lucky…” ) D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’center_img Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away 0 Comments   Share   Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation As I flip thru my Paulie Pigskin Official SidelineReporter Notebook, here’s a Sawed Off Shotgun ofScribblings… When you hear Adrian Wilson shout on the sideline: “…Hegot his five, he got his five…” AW is reacting to aPatrick Peterson punt return. As for “P-Twice,” when he says “gimme five,” like he didin a special teams meeting before the Baltimore game, he’snot talking about a handshake. The rookie is talkingabout giving him some room. As in, five yards ofspace on a punt return. Ding. last_img

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